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Mills James Builds a Bigger Production Playground

The Mills James Logistics Center—aka the warehouse—is where we hide the magic: The lighting, sound, projection equipment, and scenic raw materials we play with to transform ordinary events and meetings into more transformative experiences that resonate. This part of our operation is mostly out of sight for our clients until everything shows up on well-packed semis all over the country ready for late night load-ins.

For years we’ve been operating out of a warehouse in the West Belt area. Then came growth in our high-end events business, and—a new source of growth—an expansion of our audiovisual services for Ohio’s burgeoning hospitality market.

Most of our corporate and broadcast clients see us as a video and event production company, but we also deliver concierge-level audiovisual support to hotel and conference center properties. Chief among them is the Greater Columbus Convention Center, where we are now the in-house audiovisual production company for the hundreds of events that pass through the capital city every year.

Our previous strategy was to place pockets of equipment and personnel in each of our many in-house locations. To better serve our clients, we decided to centralize the majority of our equipment and logistics personnel in one place.

Our creatives and clients were also pushing us to invest in scenic design and construction services. In President Arthur James’ words, “We need the room to build just about any scenic element our creative teams can dream up.”

So began our new adventure: the search to double our warehouse footprint.


Our new warehouse is about twice the size of our old one and features six loading docks and a dedicated truck staging space.

Logistics Manager Matt Christian, Warehouse Foreman Rob Brock, and Chief Operating Officer Scott Lanum led the way. Their wish list: six loading docks for our expanded truck fleet, space for our event gear, room for a sizeable scenic shop, and enough office space to house our crewing, sourcing and logistics teams.

Our search ended at 3001 International Boulevard in west Columbus. Our new warehouse is about twice the size of our previous one, giving Mills James one of the largest event and video production footprints in the Midwest.


Mills James now has one of the largest event and video production footprints in the Midwest, enough room for an expanded truck fleet, event gear, shop operations, and the 20+ members of our events logistics team.

“Our expanded footprint enhances our ability to serve our expanding number of clients and locations around the state, including growth at the Convention Center,” said President Arthur James. “And our staging dreams can now become a reality. We call our new scenic shop the ‘fishbowl,’ a new space isolated by a clear, floor-to-ceiling vinyl curtain that lets us view shop operations as a safety measure.”

“With six dock bays, dedicated truck staging space, a quality control area, and room for an expanding equipment inventory, the new space is one where we can grow,” Lanum added.

Now that the 20-some members of our events logistics team have a new place to call home, we’re discovering new efficiencies, and faster and more flexible delivery processes every day—well in time for tonight’s load-in and tomorrow’s stagecraft.


The "fishbowl"our new scenic shopis isolated by floor-to-ceiling vinyl curtains, adding a safety measure to shop operations.

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