Mills James - Aug 30, 2019

Mills James Teams up with Photographer Colin McGuire

Mills James seeks to capitalize on the growing trend of integrating cinematography and still photography.

We’ve all spoken the truism for years, "Better, faster, or less expensive … pick two."

To which our clients are increasingly responding, “We need all three.”

One area where our clients can achieve that dream: video projects that would benefit from still photography of the same subject matter.

“When clients look at the efficiencies of sharing talent, locations, art direction, and possibly lighting, it’s enticing to combine video and stills into one production session,” says Production Manager, Producer, and Director Sean Mundy.

“It sounds easy,” Sean cautioned, “but shooting stills and video together presents logistical challenges that aren’t so obvious at first. Can the photographer work with the continuous lighting we use for video, or do their strobes make more sense? Can we tag-team a single set, or should we operate two different sets simultaneously?”

“The key is partnership.” - Sean Mundy


Example of lifestyle photography by Colin McGuire.

To realize this vision, we’re excited to officially team up with distinguished photographer Colin McGuire for our clients looking to save time and money by integrating video and still photography.

“Finding a photographer who respects the video process as much as we respect their process is essential,” says Sean. “We want to work with photographers with a great eye, great attitude, and elevated work. Mills James has found that rare talent in Colin McGuire.”

Colin is an experienced, high-end commercial photographer who has mutual respect and good rapport with video professionals. He understands how to approach jobs requiring both stills and video. We already have several joint projects under our belt and take a collaborative approach to make sure projects are successful.

Colin has been producing high-end commercial photography for over 15 years,” says Sean, “and when you see his portfolio, it speaks for itself. He’s methodical in his composition and art direction, yet he’s got a laid-back approach with a great sense of humor. I can’t praise him enough for his professionalism and the quality of his work.”


Example of portrait photography by Colin McGuire.

Mills James and Colin McGuire have collaborated on video and still shoots for discriminating clients including Avon, Big Lots, Mercy Hospital, Monat, and American Signature Furniture.

“Together, Colin and Mills James make a strong team, and we’ve proven we each can accomplish what we need to get the high-end look we’re both trying to achieve.” - Sean Mundy


Written by Mills James