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A live series filmed entirely on a virtual set, hosted by our very own Associate Producer, Cat Lellie. This mini series will take viewers on a journey through the fascinating worlds of video and event production.

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Episode 1: Set Fake-out OR Unreal Realness​

In this episode, Visual Effects Designer Nic White talks to Cat about how he and his team create virtual worlds for our clients. We can now produce sophisticated 3D environments in real-time using Unreal Engine. As our camera moves, so does the background, giving the appearance that we’re in the actual location. Watch Nic’s interview to learn more!

Episode 2: Ready, SET, Go!

In this week’s episode, Set Designer Emily Sabol discusses how she builds not just sets, but experiences for our clients. Watch Emily’s interview to learn about the multiple ways in which we show (and tell) stories!

Episode 3: Connect Through the Tech

As the tech industry continues to pitch the metaverse as the way forward, we are seeing our clients want something more accessible, captivating, and human-centered. Enter virtual production; where we place real people (you) in any environment that’s indistinguishable from the real world. Watch Mike Yearling, VP of Marketing and Video & Broadcast talk with Cat about how we can set our clients up for success in a metaverse-centric future.

Episode 4: Beam Here, Beam There, Beam Everywhere!​

Oh the places you’ll go; elevate your audience’s experience like never before. In this week’s episode, Joe Franchina shares the way hologram technology is changing up the industry. As the only Proto Hologram showroom in Ohio, Mills James provides unlimited access to both the hologram unit and full-service production capabilities housed under one roof! Whether you want to beam in a C-suite executive to interact in real time or capture pre-recorded 3-D content, our team can take it from concept to completion. For brand activations alone, you won’t believe the effect holograms have on dwell time. Watch to learn how you can use this next-level technology at your upcoming event or brand activation.

Episode 5: Epic Visual Effects​

In this week’s episode, VFX Designer Chris Frederick talks with Cat about the evolution of visual effects for clients looking to elevate their brand and increase audience engagement. Learn more about how our in-house post-production artists make the magic happen.

Episode 6: View From the Top​

There’s something unique about flying above the world that elevates the ordinary in to the epic; to pull people into your story. MJ’s very own certified drone operator, Joshua Edmonds, shares the stunning cityscapes and engaging perspectives on client stories he’s captured as an aerial filmmaker.

Episode 7: Get Smarter in 3…2…1!

We often talk about the power of visual storytelling to change hearts and minds, no matter the topic or audience. And this truth is no more evident than in the field of K-12 education, a hugely growing sector for us at Mils James. In this episode, Cat gleans insights from education extraordinaire and Producer, Tessa Wilson, relevant for any client; knowing how humans learn is a critical skill for video producers. Check out Tessa’s episode now!